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Alhern-Martin Industrial Furnace Company features state of the art Copper Brazing and Bright Annealing Furnaces.  These time tested furnaces built with either insulating firebrick or ceramic fiber lining (used for rapid heat-up and cool down) are built with unmatched quality and durability.  Cooling chambers are independently controlled by water flow regulators for water conservation.  Closed loop or open loop re-circulating systems with heat recovery can be added for substantial energy savings.  A straight through or hump type design will accommodate your brazing (stainless steel) and/or annealing applications.  Various types include continuous, batch, belt, roller hearth, or combustion.

S.P.C. compliance monitors are available to monitor furnace temperature, belt speed, dew point, and cooler temperatures.  I.R.I. and F.M. insurance requirements are met and revised as necessary to meet your specific requirements.  For custom designs to meet specific needs, many standard belt widths, zone lengths, and power inputs are available.  Standard designs range from 100kW to 1200kW.  All models are pre-wired and pre-piped for easy installation.

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