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Introducing our most advanced line of exothermic atmospheric generators.  This new line combines 60 years of experience in the furnace industry with the most modern technology available.  First and foremost in improvements is the electronic spark ignition that replaces the need for manual torch ignition.  This provides for better control and safety.  Additionally, a rotary turbine compressor is used for quiet and maintenance-free operation.

The overall construction is streamlined for economy and minimum floor space requirements.  All units are prewired and prepiped for immediate installation.  Equipment is pretested prior to shipment to ensure trouble-free operation.  All generators utilize approved Factory Mutual and Industrial Risk Insurers safety devices in addition to other safety equipment to meet your safety requirements.


  • Compact, unitized system
  • Many standard sizes available
  • Automatic push button ignition
  • Open construction for easy maintenance
  • Positive ratio control for uniform output analysis
  • Available for use with natural gas or propane

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